Monday, January 26, 2009

Bottled Up

I've got bottles on top of bottles sittin' inside me. See, I keep things bottled up cause I don't like talkin 'bout what's inside me. So I've got a bottle for love and a bottle for hate; a bottle for friends and a bottle for enemies; a bottle for all them girls I used to date, and a bottle for all those who envy me. I've got a bottle for the respect I feel I'm due, and a bottle for the bullshit I go through. I've got a bottle for relationships right next to the bottle for love, and a bottle for shit at the club. I've got bottles on top of bottles and they pilin up every day.

Some say to let go - that these bottles just aint the way. They try and warn me - afraid my bottles will overflow. But they just don't get it - how I keep my bottles low. But they got bottles in them like I got bottles in me. So rather than worrying bout me, I open my ear for listening. I ask about their bottle's content, and relat to whats in it. And with each of their stories, my bottles are emptied. I don't know what it does for them, but I'm kinda stingy, cause listening to their stories is just a relief to me.

See, its kinda like a song that speaks to your soul, or a book that takes you back to being 10 years old. I used to have a bottle called nobody understands me - and so the story of my life was the look for understanding. But just when this bottle was about to topple over, I heard someone say that they were just like me. and he emptie his bottles by writing about his day. The stuff inside the bottle, was just ink for his pen. I listened to his story, and felt my bottles emptied just by listening in. And since then, I've added bottle after bottle after bottle and I'll probably add a new bottle tomorrow. But the bottles stopped bothering me when I realized my bottles weren't unique.
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