Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Thoughts

My thoughts are dramatic been locked away in the attick for years and only brought to life through fears of death, but on they last breath they decided to take a stand against envy and jealousy, against greed and conspiracy, against all the corruption I see. Honestly, these thoughts are a new breed that breeds on themselves see its impossible to keep em locked on shelves. Now I've got people tellin me what they mean - tryin to imply that I'm mean, sayin they know better than me. I'm the center of conspiracy theories. I've got people comin to get me. They tryin to silence me. They tryin to keep me quiet, scared I might start a riot, cause I can explain the game they use to keep people tame, and I use words that you can relate to, so you wont walk away all confused. I've got thoughts that'll take you to class while we on the court make you miss that layup, turn around like "what the fuck?". Some say I've mastered the mysterious. Some say its just sadness and mischievous. Enemies wish I just sat back eatin Cheerios, But I've got a brain to pick
while they pickin they nose.

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