Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blinded by Love

I was blinnnnnnd
dead by love
of the friendship we had built.
I had never
thought of you in that way
I had never
until that day
that we became more than friends.
It seemed so right
it seemed just like
it was meant to be
til that day when we
talked about dating seriously
I don't know why we disagreed
maybe it was something about me
or maybe you never liked me
but that breakup really hurt me.

I was blinnnnnd
dead by love
or was it love
or was it just us
was it just us
laying there in the bed
til the condom slipped off
and I lost my head
wondering if we should wed
til the condom slipped off
and you came and said
that your friend
missed a month.

I was blind
dead by love
by images of you and me
living happily
that made me
lose sight
of reality
my immagination ran away with me
you played my heart
had me write you
even after you had told me
it wasn't meant to be
I blamed me
wanted to do things differently
to go back in time
and make you love me.

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