Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why We Arguing?

I love discussions that lead to enlightenment,
not them tit for tat arguments.
But nowadays, its hard to tell them apart from one another.
We disagree and its like I insulted your mother.
Then I start gettin the third degree,
wonderin if I should fight back violently,
Its just rediculuous that it always comes to this -
a heated debate until we both walk away;
neither thinking they're wrong;
and neither willing to just get along.
So since nobody's quiet,
it sounds like a riot,
people lookin strangely at us wonderin whats up.
Is it really that serious?
Does this stuff even matter to us?
Or did the presence of an argument cause us to lose focus?

1 comment:

D the God Awful said...

I've been trying to post my own post, but I keep reading yours...anwyays, everybody has an ego. Some are just more sensitive than others. Some people handle different viewpoints better than others. Some need a Yes Man for Christmas.

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